Mon Ooh Sideboard

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Primitive art involves the appreciation of cultural elements and practices and its intellectually complex. The primitive is admired and seen as a model yet it is also presumed that is not fully developed. The Malabar creative designers give a modern touch to the primitive concepts and conceived the eye-catching Mon Ooh sideboard.

Highlighting the collision between fine art, handcraft, and design. Exquisite handcrafted by Portuguese artisans in walnut wood, the Mon Ooh sideboard presents hand-carved abstract elements, which provide uniqueness in every piece made. In addition, the monochromatic future classic sideboard features four aged brushed brass spheres feet.

Blurring the line between art and design, this art-inspired sideboard was designed for living and dining rooms, fulfilling the desire for art yet furniture, the Mon Ooh sideboard will be a statement of your décor.

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