Interior Design Projects

We specialize in creating stunning designs for highend residential and commercial clients in numerous countries around the world. Our experienced team of designers have a wide range of expertise, allowing us to provide an incomparable level of service to our clients. From conception to completion, our projects are customized to meet the specific needs of each individual client, ensuring that all of our work is of the highest quality.

We have worked on a wide variety of luxury interior design projects in numerous countries, ranging from homes and offices to hotels and corporate buildings. Our portfolio is full of highly successful projects from the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East. No matter the size or scope of the project, we strive to create designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some of our projects in our porfolio, all over the world, by our brands. We chose the most special ones.

Here are some of our projects in our porfolio, all over the world, by our brands. We chose the most special ones.

  • Hotel Westin Valencia

    Hotel Westin Valencia

    In this project in Valencia, Spain is a really interesting project with our mid-century Louis Bar and Armchair giving the room a relaxed and cozy feeling
  • The Fairmont Hotel

    The Fairmont Hotel

    Drawing inspiration from the geometry of an aerial view of Washington DC, ForrestPerkins served as architect and interior designer to transform the lobby, lounge, and outdoor courtyard at the Fairmont, D.C. The theme is woven throughout the new space and is reflected in a geometrically abstracted map of DC behind the front desk. There you can find one of our highlighted pieces, Louis Bar and Dining Chair.
  • Chicago's St. Jane Hotel

    Chicago's St. Jane Hotel

    The St. Jane Bar provides comfort and fashion bar chairs designed by our team, like the Louis Bar Chair.
  • Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel

    Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel

    In this hospitality project i Moscow Ottiu has 4 pieces: Gardners Dining Chair, Lupino Armchair and twin seat and Margret Sofa in strong colors.
  • Hotel Goldener Hirsch

    Hotel Goldener Hirsch

    Ottiu's Louis Bar Chair in Salzburg. Green leather suits then well in this project.
  • Four Seasons Hotel

    Four Seasons Hotel

    In Austin Texas, Ottiu's Tippi Dining Chair appears in the restaurant has though it was meant to be there.
  • Cosmopolitan Hotel

    Cosmopolitan Hotel

  • Chateau de Marçay

    Chateau de Marçay

  • Sunreef 80 Yacht

    Sunreef 80 Yacht

  • Betty x Pinton

    Betty x Pinton

  • Petro bar & Bistro

    Petro bar & Bistro

  • Bronnum Cocktail Bar

    Bronnum Cocktail Bar

    In Copenhagen, Denmark the Bronnum Cocktail Bar holds some of Ottiu's most notorious pieces, the Louis Bar Chair.
  • Maison Fonfon

    Maison Fonfon

    Wood Tailors Club George Dining Chair in in white boublé was is a perfect match for Maison Fonfon in Monaco.
  • Zurich's Gueterhof Restaurant

    Zurich's Gueterhof Restaurant

    Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and has Woood Tailors Club George Dining Chair in the Gueterhof Restaurant in an amazing project
  • Ashas Restaurant

    Ashas Restaurant

    George Dining Chair in Asha's Contemporary Indian Cuisine restaurant project in the Midle East.
  • George in London

    George in London

    A great solution for a dining room with the George Dining Chair
  • Sheraton Denver

    Sheraton Denver

    This confy room, with Wood Tailors Club Johnson Armchairs, is just a perfect piece of heaven. Our Harison Sideboard is also set for any vinil record lover.
  • Palma Suites Bar

    Palma Suites Bar

    The upholtery family George Dining Chair and George Bar Chair is strong in Palma de Maiorca, Spain in this briliant hospitality project
  • Hôtel Phileas

    Hôtel Phileas

    Wood Tailors Club George Dining chair shinning yet again in another hospitality project, this time in Paris. Hamilton Floor Lamp is also in the lobby
  • Glen Hotel

    Glen Hotel

    A very colorful Crockford sofa light up the room. A Wood Tailors Club top piece
  • Flor fina restaurant

    Flor fina restaurant

    The George Dining Chair is one of the most versitile chairs of Wood Tailors Club. In pastel color in a colorful room it still stands out.
  • Hilton Memphis

    Hilton Memphis

    Wood Tailors Club has many lighting pices in this project. Their timeless design and versitality fits them perfectly b it in the lobby or restaurant.
  • Galatea Armchair worldwide

    Galatea Armchair worldwide

    Malabar has very versitile pieces and Galatea armchair is the proof of that. Here in projects in the USA, South Africa, Europe it prove it fits anywere in any configuration possible
  • Malabar's Romania Residence

    Malabar's Romania Residence

    In this residence the Future Classics Collection, Mak Suh Muh Dining Chair, makes its appearence with the glamorous Cortez Dining Table among various other pieces like the artistic Templo Cabinet. A sight to behold
  • NY Project - Jerry Hooker

    NY Project - Jerry Hooker

    In this New York Project we have many pieces from the Dynasty Collection among other Malabar pieces.
  • Beach House by Rterior studio

    Beach House by Rterior studio

    In this Beach House our Galatea Armchair by Malabar takes the room in this breathtaking project
  • Pennsylvania residence

    Pennsylvania residence

    In this Pennsylvania residence we have Virtuoso II console table from Malabar. Yet again a focus piece in it's project.
  • Malabar Private Residential Project

    Malabar Private Residential Project

    Malabar´s Proportion console fits perfectly in this project in Italy. Be it commercial or residential the Proportion Family is always a focus piece in any decor project
  • Porus Studio highlighted projects

    Porus Studio highlighted projects

    We colected some pick from some Porus Studio residential and commercial projects that made our group proud.
  • Creativemary highlighted projects

    Creativemary highlighted projects

    We colected some pick from smaller Creativemary residential and commercial projects that we are very proud off.
  • Residential Project in Russia

    Residential Project in Russia

    In this Private Residential Project in Russia Creativemary was present with one of the most strong alabaster pieces, Andros Wall Lamp.
  • Brasserie Antoinette

    Brasserie Antoinette

    In this project in madrid we gathered pieces from Creativemary and Ottiu. The light and the seating made a strong impression in this restaurant project
  • Atelier Robuchon

    Atelier Robuchon

    In this restaurant project we used two pieces by Porus Studio, the Atlanta Dining Table and the Austin Dining Chair
  • Home Office in NY

    Home Office in NY

    In this Residential Project in New York we used our Lincoln Desk by Porus Studio, one of our most notorious pieces and Helen Armchair from Ottiu.