In Vij En Center Table

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Cubism’s father, Pablo Picasso, was famous for his eagerness to emerge. After inventing Analytic Cubism, Picasso kept experimenting, helping invent what became known as Synthetic Cubism. With a collage look, its new paintings feature new textures, simpler shapes, and new materials, and Synthetic Cubism was considered the height of the avant-garde.

Drawing from the emphasize blend of materials and shapes of Picasso’s cubism masterpieces, Malabar’s designers conceived this refined future classic. The In Vij En center table is a tribute to craftsmanship, embellished with a cubism-inspired drawing made with several sheets, such as bleached oak, oak, black stained ashwood, and walnut wood through marquetry technique.

Supported by two handcrafted feet, cylindrical walnut wood, and rectangular black stained ashwood. The art-inspired In Vij En center table will engage your decor as a piece of art.

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