Fauves Bedside Table

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Back in the Summer of 1905, Henri Matisse and André Derain started applying aggressively straight from non-naturalistic color tubes over their paintings. And then the first avant-garde modernist movement was born, the Fauvism, Influenced by the Post-impressionism of Van Gogh and the Neo-Impressionism of Sairat.

In contrast to the dark, these like-minded artists disturb nature, using shapes quite abstract, fierce brushwork, and bright emotive colors. Inspired by the leaders of the movement’s masterpieces, Malabar designers conceived the Fauves Bedside Table.

Artistic-inspired, the Fauves Bedside Table features a wooden structure hand-painted with simple abstract forms but bold colors, adorned with Verde Guatemala marble, supported by a polished brass base. This fauvism-inspired Bedside table was designed to boost any art-filled bedroom.

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