Ellen Armchair

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There are many dancers from the golden age of the Hollywood musicals who are now remembered. However, no dancer looked more like a doll than Vera-Ellen. She was also known for her graceful, flowing arm movements and her ability to move seamlessly between different dance styles. Her style was praised for its grace and elegance, and she was often compared to Ginger Rogers.

Vera-Ellen was especially known for her partnerships with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Her dancing style was characterized by her light, bouncy jumps and her precise, delicate footwork.

Her delicate and unique beauty inspired Ottiu to create the mid-Century Modern Ellen Armchair.

The walnut wood feet and the luxurious cotton velvet upholstery combination makes the Ellen Armchair a delicate and light piece but also exquisite. Designed for vintage and classical interiors, this armchair fits perfectly a discrete yet luxurious environment.

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