Crockford Sofa

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William Crockford, a Londoner son of a fishmonger, was the owner of a gambling house that caught the attention of every English celebrity back in 1827. For several years this members’ club was a place of exclusiveness and tons of money circulated there, which led to him becoming one of England’s richest men. Besides having this business, Crockford was an entrepreneur and horse racing enthusiast.

Structured in walnut wood upholstered in linen, with carefully handcrafted rattan details, the Crockford Sofa honors William Crockford and his Gentlemen’s Club. To create an atmosphere of permanent elegance with a touch of grandiosity, this piece suits a room full of personality.

Wood Tailors Club has a complete dedication to detail and precision, conceiving a eco-friendly premium category of sustainable pieces. In order to handmaid them, it’s fundamental to combine a set of highly technical skills in wood.

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