Colette Stool

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Colette Marchand was a prima ballerina and actress in the 50s, as well as a symbol of fashion, beauty and the burlesque. Her style was also a strong influence on the aesthetics of the French New Wave film movement. Marchand was known for her stylish and glamorous appearances and was a regular fixture on the Parisian fashion scene.

She was frequently photographed in the Parisian magazines such as Elle and Jardin des Modes, where she often posed in the latest fashion trends. She was also the muse of designer Yves Saint Laurent, who created many of her costumes.

The mysticism and sensuality of her first movie appearance in Moulin Rouge inspired Ottiu to create the Mid-Century Modern Colette Stool.

This piece is draped in sensual fabrics, with an exotic and mystic energy that perfectly reflects a feminine personality and gracious silhouette. From the cabarets to your contemporary living space, Colette Stool is made of pinewood and cotton velvet with a copper plated brass ring around it.

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