Means that a piece is made by hand or by a hand process, through some artistic techniques such as sculpting and metalworking

Hand Crafted tells a story.

Firstly, there is always storytelling behind Emotional Brands pieces. To spread this unique passion, Emotional Brand was conceived officially in 2012. It keeps the traditional handcraft techniques heritage alive through furniture and lighting exquisite designs


Made With Care

Made from people to people, all the furniture and lighting pieces have their feeling carved in their design. Portuguese artisans take care of all the production side by side with our product designers.


Handmade is authentic

Done by hand furniture and lighting is art expressed by artisans and designers, so it makes each handmade piece single.


Hand Crafted is high-customized

It can be made-to-order and tailored regarding each client and project needs. All of our product collections can be high-customized, from their dimensions to materials and finishes. Emotional Brands team proudly says that they are problem design solvers.

Handmade products are greener

Work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, making it more environmentally sustainable. And Emotional Brands designs are timeless and very versatile.

Hand Crafted is conceived to last

Hand-created products are made to the highest quality because artisans understand the value of each piece. Made with noble metals and carrying the expertise of Portuguese artisans, our pieces are conceived to have a long life in your interior space

Handmade allows design creativity to blow.

Made by hand makes creative and imaginative design ideas realities.