Emotional Brands is a creative platform with know-how in art, furniture and lighting design and decor. We manage, develop and promote, in great harmony, a group of young high-end brands which were carefully selected for their style and personality.

Our differentiation strategy, based on the balance between tradition and innovation, is working to arouse emotions in potential customers, design and art lovers alike. All of the unique products developed by our brands have a strong sense of origin, making it a perfect fit for worldly and refined interior projects. More than products, our sophisticated pieces aim to always tell a passionate story, reflect its inspiration and promote our immense heritage and culture.

Highlighting and emphasizing the essence of each brand, Emotional Brands stands out as one of the country's most innovative ateliers. Emotional Brands works alongside highly skilled artisan workshops that assure an immaculate execution of our designs, while aiming to correspond to the high standards and varied demands of our global clients.