a creative studio with know-how in art, furniture and lighting design and décor. Emotional Brands designs, develops and promotes a group of young high-end brands which were carefully created for their style and personality.

Emotional Brands



Passion is our main Emotion. Passion about art and design.

We design to arouse emotions in design lovers alike, interior designers and decorators.

Based on the balance between tradition and innovation, our (..) design team work alongside with highly skilled artisans that assure an immaculate execution of our product designs, while aiming to correspond to the high standards of our global clients.

Emotional Brands conceived and develop a group of 5 deluxe high-end brands, each brand with it’s one personality and design style, from mid-century to contemporary, artistic to minimalist.

All of the deluxe products developed by our brands have a strong sense of origin.

All of the pieces can be customized in order to fit worldly with your refined interior design projects. Dimensions, finishes, materials and textiles can be switched to the ones you pretend. Besides the pieces from our collection, we also provide you a contract service, where we produce your design pieces.