Interior design is an important part of making a private or commercial project. In a space, each room features a unique style that blends several design trends together. The living room is furnished with furniture in the Bauhaus style, a modern colonial rug, and minimalisticcor.

A living room that features a touch of the Mediterranean style with bright colors, organic materials, and accents of the Memphis style. The bedroom has a midcentury modern bed, a Bohemianstyle headboard, and a modern farmhouse dresser. The dining room or a bar that has has a brutaliststyle vanity, organic interior design elements, and modern interior design elements. The office has a modern colonial desk, a minimalist chair, and a few organic interior design elements to bring it all together.

Each room its unique with these trends, but all the elements blend together to create a project that is truly beautiful.
Here are some of our brands trends proposals for each design setting. 

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