Starry Mirror

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Vincent Van Gogh, the famous post-impressionist painter, found his place in art and produced emotional, visually arresting paintings over a decade. Painted by memory, the Starry Night is one of the masterpieces inherited from the misunderstood artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Although the painting shows the outside view at night from the window of the Saint Rémy de Provence just before sunrise, the work was painted during the day by heart. And nowadays it’s one of the most famous paintings ever.

So inspired by the impressionist movement, Malabar designers conceived the artsy Starry Mirror like it was spontaneously painted to capture the impression of the light in a scene. Conceptual yet functional, the art-filled round mirror combines in harmony irregular shapes of three exquisite materials, such as polished hammered brass, Carrara marble, and lacquered wood finished with high gloss varnish.

The art-inspired Starry Mirror will be a future classic adornment in your home décor.

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