Sir Basil Spence, together with Glover and Ferguson, built the head office of the Scottish Widows Fund in Edinburgh, Scotland. This six-acre building, which is made up of multiple interlocking hexagonal sections that go from one to four storeys, is what inspired our product designers to create the unique Spence contemporary Table. Inspired by the building, the contemporary center table is simple yet elegante. Spence Center Table has a top in walnut wood veneer, clear glass and details in gold leaf. The legs of the modern center table are involved in walnut wood veneer and also gold leaf with high gloss varnish.

Spence Center Table is part of World Architects Collection.


86.5 cm | 34.1″


69.5 cm | 27.4″


34 cm | 13.4″


Table top in wood composed of walnut wood root, clear glass and details coated in gold leaf with high gloss varnish.

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