Reynolds Mirror

When you think of an exclusive club, what comes to mind is a portrait of high standards and elite of the society. Alluding to the act of reflection, Reynolds Mirror takes the name of an English painter, Joshua Reynolds, specialized in portraits and considered one of the major European painters of the 18th century.

With a round structure, Reynolds Mirror is rigorously handcrafted in walnut wood with natural matte varnish, along with details in genuine leather and brushed brass. As Joshua Reynolds promoted the “Grand Style” through idealization, Reynolds Mirror will help to fulfill your own ideals of a space.

With environment in mind, our club only use the most noble woods, combining sustainable behavior with classic techniques of production and sustainable consumption and production. Wood Tailors Club also reinforce the skills of the best Portuguese craftsmen, establishing a link for the best in tailor-made design and craftsmanship.

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