Louis I Dining Chair

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Ottiu decided to honor one of the most imposing figures of Jazz music. Louis Armstrong has featured several Hollywood cinema stars during the Golden Era and his career spanned different eras in the history of Jazz. Louis Armstrong was an instrumental figure in the world of jazz music. He is best known for his innovative and expressive trumpet playing and scat singing, but was also a masterful songwriter, composer, and bandleader. He rose to fame with his improvisational performances, and soon became an international sensation. Inspired by his incredible talent and personality, Ottiu designers conceived Louis I Dining Chair.

This newest armrest dining chair version of one of our most prestigious dining chairs will offer you even more comfort, highlighting the modern mid-century design. Featuring smoked walnut wood legs and upholstered in jacquard and velvet, the Louis I Dining Chair will be for sure a decorative statement in your luxury décor.

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