Forbes Bed

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Bryan Forbes was a movie director and producer, screenwriter, actor, and novelist. Considered an important person in the British film industry, Forbes formed a production company named Beaver Films with Richard Samuel Attenborough, the personality that inspired our Richard Center Table.

With that being said, since Forbes’ career represented such an important time in Attenborough’s life, so Wood Tailors’ designers felt a strong will to create something that would honor his personality by conceiving the Forbes bed.

Uplift your bedroom design set with the Forbes bed rustic yet timeless rattan headboard. Choosing one of the blue shades can act as the perfect balance to genuine cylindrical leather pillows.

Wood Tailors Club has a complete dedication to detail and precision, conceiving a eco-friendly premium category of sustainable pieces. In order to handmaid them, it’s fundamental to combine a set of highly technical skills in wood.

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