Charisse Stool

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Cyd Charisse was an American actress and dancer known for the “strength and grace of a ballerina and an extraordinary on-screen presence that allowed her to play the cold and aloof femme fatale and the romantic ballerina with equal aplomb”. She is best known for her appearances in classic MGM musicals such as Singin in the Rain, The Band Wagon, and Brigadoon.

Such a powerful woman inspired Ottiu to create this elegant yet imposing piece: the Charisse Mid-Century Modern Stool. Dressing up the Charisse stool with multiple shades and textures in the same color family will keep your space interesting and spice up by sticking to a single color.

The eye-catch Charisse stool will add style and grace to any personal space, like your bedroom, and impress in a luxurious living room.

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