Charisse Armchair

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Cyd Charisse inspired Ottiu to create the soft yet imposing mid-century modern Charisse Armchair. This woman wasn’t only an American actress but also an outstanding dancer with roles usually focused on her abilities as such. Because this was her biggest passion, she once said “if I had to give up either acting or dancing, I’d choose to keep dancing”. She began her career as a ballerina and later gained fame as a Hollywood leading lady who starred in some of the era‘s most memorable musicals.

In 1996, Cyd Charisse received the National Medal of Arts from President Clinton forher artistry as an American classic film dancer“. In 2006, she was honored with a star on Hollywood‘s Walk of Fame at 6329 Hollywood Blvd., making it clear that even after all these years she will always be remembered for what made her famous: dancing!

Throughout her colorful career, Charisse won critical acclaim for her beauty and grace, often being referred to as the epitome of Hollywood glamour. Much of her work has been preserved, allowing audiences to continue to admire her grace and beauty on the silver screen.

The glamorous Charisse Armchair features layers upholstered in luxurious velvet in different colors, supported by a swivel round base in polished brass. The Charisse Armchair will summon the glamorous Hollywood golden era to your interior design décor.

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