Brummell Bar Stool

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Famous for his friendship with the Prince of Wales, Beau Brummell was deemed the leader of fashion at the beginning of the 19th Century. Beau, the father of dandyism, stands alone as the forefather of the men’s style by introducing the suit and tie.

Inspired by the arbiter of men’s fashion and the timeless rattan trend, the Wood Tailors designers conceived the Brummell Bar Stool. Designed for sophisticated home bar spaces, this rustic bar stool provides a clean structure exquisitely handcrafted in walnut wood, upholstered in cotton velvet, featuring a rattan back seat.

The Brummell Bar Stool can provide a comfy and visually appealing seating addition to any décor.

Wood Tailors Club has a complete dedication to detail and precision, conceiving a eco-friendly premium category of sustainable pieces. In order to handmaid the Brummell Bar Stool, it’s fundamental to combine a set of highly technical skills in wood.

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