Anita Dining Chair

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The Mid-Century Modern Anita Dining Chair is a piece where lush, beauty and delicacy hide the fierceness and unbridled sensuality of one of the 50s iconic personalities: Anita Ekberg.

This chair is a homage to the beauty and glamour of the golden age of Italian design and a tribute to the star of La Dolce Vita. Its curved lines and comfort evoke the iconic style of the midcentury and the classic films of the time.

This art deco piece has an exquisite velvet upholstery supported by long walnut wood lacquered legs finished with extremely elegant polished brass details. The seat is comfortable and supportive, while the backrest has a subtle curve to provide extra comfort and support.

The Anita Dining Chair is a perfect addition to any midcentury modern home. It is a timeless piece of furniture that will enhance any dining area.

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