Andy Stool

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The Mid-Century Modern Andy Stool is the perfect trendy addition to the coziest corner of your contemporary living space. Andy Warhol emerged as a significant artist in the New York art scene in the 60s and was one of the most important and provocative filmmakers at the time.

His works often explored popular culture, consumerism, and celebrity. His works include some of the most iconic pop art pieces in history, such as his Campbell‘s Soup Cans, Marilyn Monroe prints, and his silkscreen paintings of Elvis Presley.

Influenced by such admirable artist, Ottiu designed the Andy Bar Stool.

The Mid-Century Modern Andy Stool is a challenging yet deluxe furniture piece as well as a trendy icon. This exquisite stool is an artistic combination between a polished brass – or copper plated brass – structure and a high-quality faux fur upholstery.

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