Gingiber Fusion Cuisine by Ottiu

Gingiber Fusion Cuisine

Gingiber – Fusion Cuisine


Designed to be a destination for food, drinks, and design, Ottiu designers present its newest hospitality project. Conceived into distinctive areas, where Art Déco, bold colors with subtle nature-inspired vibes come together to conceive a fresh hospitality design.

In the Gingiber Fusion Cuisine you can find, some of our products:

Louis Dining Table by Ottiu
Louis Dining Table
angel dining chair
angel dining chair
Louis I Dining Table by Ottiu
Louis I Dining Table
Caron dining chair by Ottiu in grey velvet
Caron dining chair
Kelly Bar Chair By Ottiu in yellow velvet
Kelly Bar Chair
Anita dining chair by Ottiu in yellow velvet
Anita dining chair

product belong to Emotional Brands brands portfolio