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Brasserie Antoinette

Brasserie Antoinette

Madrid – Spain

The Brasserie Antoinette is a restaurant that serves contemporary menus with a French touch. It strives to deliver quality products, at any time, to those who search for gala gastronomy and a place to spend a really good time. Located in Madrid, Spain and decorated by Orac Decor.

In the Brasserie Project you can find, some of our products:

Chelsea Wall Lamp by Creativemary
Chelsea Wall Lamp
Kelly Dining Chair By Ottiu in red velvet
Kelly Dining Chair
Granville Wall Lamp by Creativemary
Granville Wall Lamp
Scarlet Armchair by Ottiu
Scarlet Armchair
Mitte Wall Lamp by Creativemary
Mitte Wall Lamp
Louis dining chair by Ottiu in blue velvet
Louis dining chair
Jordaan Wall Lamp by Creativemary
Jordaan Wall Lamp
Tippi Dining Chair by Ottiu in white leather
Tippi Dining Chair
Granville II Suspension Lamp by Creativemary
Granville II Suspension Lamp
Black Widow Pendant Lamp by Creativemary
Black Widow Pendant Lamp

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