Living Room Trends You'll See All Over

Natural Elements

Introduce decór pieces that are organic, irregular, or curved to add personality and charm

Peggy Armchair
Peggy Armchair
Westinghouse Center Table by Porus Studio
Westinghouse Center Table
Dahlia Wall Lamp
Dahlia Wall Lamp

Keep it Light and Airy

Green Upholstery and ebony wood decorative accessories add contrast to this grey walled living

Hines Cabinet by Porus Studio
Hines Cabinet
Inglewood sofa by Porus Studio
Inglewood sofa
Portman Suspension Lamp
Portman Suspension Lamp

Mix Rustic and Refined

Mix rustic wood furniture to give a nore refined décor

William Armchair by Wood Tailors Club
William Armchair
Hamilton floor Lamp by Wood Tailors Club
Hamilton floor Lamp
Woodworth Bookcase
Woodworth Bookcase