Our Brand Porus Studio

Porus Studio is a contemporary luxury furniture brand that blends Portuguese craftsmanship and outstanding materials, different aesthetics and deluxe lifestyles.
The contemporary design collection transpires emotion through colorful recreations of hidden treasures all around the world.

All products are minutely designed and produced, always transforming sights from all over the world into luxury living protagonists, mirroring genuineness, spontaneous passion, emotion, design and art.

Our contemporary collection will create connection, interaction, and communication between the ones who experience the modern design power daily. Between modern accessories, on-trend casegoods, must-have lighting pieces, and timeless upholstery pieces, for sure there is the masterpiece you’re looking for.


Through a continuous research for new ideas and insights, Porus Studio is daring and certain of the advantage of combining craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial processing techniques, creating unique and stunning products.

Porus Studio