Our BrandCreativemary

Light is responsible
for all life.

Creativemary is a Emotional Brands group brand that is inspired by the world we live, and all that surrounds it, our designers are inspired daily by two different lifestyles – nature and cosmopolitan

For the production of the air we breathe, the oceans cycles, the magnetic fields around our planet, gravity, warmth. And it’s no less important in interior design. Lighting pieces can transform a room and the way you look for it. And it is Creativemary’s mission to remodel interior design projects worldwide by providing modern yet timeless lighting pieces.

Cosmo by Creativemary

Otherwise, the Cosmopolitan-inspired collection expresses each metropolis and its heartbeat, a light, a color, a rhythm, an emotion. Based on that design mood, this brand conceived a collection of pieces that will deliver an urban sense of style give life to your luxury space through a game of light and shadows.

Nature by Creativemary

Nature-inspired collection’s design made us diving into the deepest ocean, climb the tallest and most majestic mountains, fly high in an unending search for inspiration in what earth gave us. This brand organic vision and inspiration came to life to elevate the lighting pieces to extraordinary levels of sophistication.